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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, where our staff provides administrative, design, financial, technical and quality assurance roles and responsibilities. You can contact us HERE.

Mailing address:
Gruene Guitars
PO Box 782307
San Antonio, TX 78278.

Shipping address: 
Gruene Guitars
12951 Huebner RD/782307
San Antonio, TX 78278

A friend and I were talking about. guitars and why too many companies shipped guitars to customers that not only lacked the precision quality we wanted and why few were playable "out of the box," meaning, they weren't set up properly, strings seemed to be selected based on lowest cost, rather than a focus on the optimal sound for the guitar model or focused on a customer's music interests. And there were times when some of the finishing touches on new guitars were lacking. So, this ended up with the question, "Why not us?" 

Yes, but I think that comes down to our business model concept and overall goal to offer the best reasonably priced professional grade guitars into the hands of as many people as we can, while maintaining what we believe to be the highest precision quality control, so that Gruene Guitar buyers end up with excellent guitars that are playable immediately. We want our customers to be able to play their new Gruene guitars once they tune them up. We want them to "meet" their new guitars with a smile. That's our "out of the box" vision! 

Great question! The answer is "yes" and "no." It depends on the customer to some extent. A dealer may want a line of guitars or particular models to complement their customers, so may ask for dreadnaughts or orchestra models (OM), etcetera. If their buyers tend to be bluegrass players, they may want certain components specific to their buyer's interests, so we'll install the strings they prefer, the guitars set-up desired, and of course the model and tone woods "demanded" by picky pickers. Again, we want to get to the "smile" vision.

If individuals buy direct from us, we'll do our best to offer them the guitar or guitars they dream of, that will get the job done for them, whether they play at home or are professional performers.

So, my initial answer was based on a dealership or distributor as a customer, with the second response focused on individual buyers. So, if a customer wants one of our models, they. can simply order one. If they want some personal custom needs worked out, we can do that, although such requests will take more time.  

Every Gruene Guitar has a solid top and solid back and sides. We ONLY sell solid wood guitars. Our in-house expert personally selects the tone-wood blanks offered by our global business partners.  

In line with our Gruene Guitars vision to build high-end professional quality guitars at reasonable prices, we have a global division of labor where we source components from all over the world, like tone woods of East Indian rosewood originates in India, great tuners from Taiwan or Germany, fabrication or guitar
body and neck building has been from a select very high-quality companies in China and Mexico; where we have our own production manager, operations manager, luthier overseeing our production line.  In San Antonio, we develop guitar specifications for our guitar models, make tone-wood selection decisions, final finishing of the guitar, perform precision quality control measures, that include a mandatory 30-day environmental proofing period, and our in-house senior guitar technician sets up each guitar.

In the end, I believe our guitars can go "toe to toe" with the top brand name guitars, at better prices, for similar models. And, yes, I'm talking about Martin and Taylor guitars and other high-end guitars. 

We understand that inclination and wish you the best to find your guitar marketed and stamped "Made in USA" with the high quality you seek at a reasonable price.

Based on our Gruene Guitars vision, we needed to recognize we live in a global economy and need to globally source our components and builds in order to reach the highest level of guitar quality, and this too is key, at a reasonable and more affordable price to our customers.

Our understanding is that in order to use a "Made in USA" stamp on a guitar, virtually all components must be domestically sourced. This includes tone woods that our customers seek and we offer, from Brazil, India, Africa, the USA, Honduras and more. So, no we do not claim or use the "Made in USA" stamp, no different than other high end well-known brands. We have used a simple "San Antonio, Texas" stamp, similar to another well-known brand stamps their town and State on their fine guitars.

But, like I said earlier, "...we can go toe to toe with the top brand name guitars, at better prices, for similar models." 

Yes, we offer a limited lifetime warranty to the original buyer, similar to other high-end professional guitar companies. Our warranty can be found HERE. 

Yes. See the specifications for each of our models.

However, if you purchase a prototype or a demo model direct from us, a hard-shell case will be an extra cost, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you do not order a case, our conscientious staff will professionally pack your guitar for safe shipping.

Again, that depends on whether you want a standard model, whether it's our professional high quality, lower cost guitars or our top of the line, or you have
some personal modifications that you want us to do. It also depends on our current inventory of guitars. Custom guitars take approximate 90-120 days to complete. 

We will give you an estimated shipping time frame, based on our best knowledge at the time.

It's good to keep in mind that every guitar we offer also goes through a 30-day environmental quality proofing process. So, if your selection has already gone through our proofing process, the time to ship will be shorter.  

Our owner (me) proudly served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1975 to 1995 and in order to give back and support my fellow veterans, Gruene Guitars has been actively working with "The Healing Box Project" in order to honor and constructively partner with the group, by offering instruments and other positive assistance.