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Welcome to Gruene Guitars

All solid wood guitars designed for generations to enjoy!
The highest quality new guitars you'll find for the price!
We perform proprietary quality control tests on all of our guitars!
All Gruene guitars are designed in San Antonio, Texas! 

Brennan Edwards on NPR playing a Gruene JG-40

How Gruene Guitar Began

We're guitar players and the perfect guitar eluded us. It didn't matter if it was a new Martin, Taylor or another professional quality established brand. We sat down and decided there must be a way to produce a high-end guitar that was "playable out of the box."
We listed all the characteristics we considered essential for an acoustic guitar to be considered perfect. Then, we set out to do just that, and in 2020, Gruene Guitars was established in the heart of America.
Today, Gruene Guitars is establishing itself as a hallmark professional guitar builder. Every guitar we create goes through months and sometimes years of proofing and testing, with prototypes built, played and evaluated for improvement.

We don't release a guitar until we believe it is "Perfect" and fit to carry the name: Gruene.

Gruene Guitars Commitment:
We are committed to producing some of the finest guitars on the planet. Always "Playable-Out-of-the-Box."
We produce hand-made guitars using 100% solid wood back & sides, and solid wood tops.
No Compromise
Gruene Guitars is American & Veteran Owned and headquartered in San Antonio, TX.
Gruene & Gruene Guitars are trademarks of Gruene Guitars LLC, a Texas-based LLC.

Finding a professional quality and affordable guitar is not easy.
Unless it's a Gruene

Little Bit of Gruene Magic


Several Gruene Guitar models will
feature a natural abalone Triquetra
or Trinity Celtic Knot in the center of the
headstock, to represent the Irish roots of the founder of Gruene Guitars. 


Solid African Blackwood Back & Sides
Solid Adirondack Spruce Top


Back of OM-50 showing off that African Blackwood

Why Buy a Gruene Guitar?


Attention to Detail

Our guitars made by hand, and like others, power tools and modern technology to get form and fit right in order to offer you exceptional guitars. Highly skilled workers rely on traditional and innovative methods to build beautiful guitars with tonal soundscapes to please the most selective professional guitarist, whether they are playing at home, on stage or in the studio.


Learn from the best

Many of builders we use along with the finishers learned their trade from some of the finest in the guitar building business, working for highly respected guitar companies like Martin, Taylor and Gibson. Because we share the same passion and desire to create some of the finest high-grade guitars at reasonable and very competitive prices.


Our Disciplined Development

At Gruene Guitars we have learned that no matter how great an idea sounds, it takes a lot of disciplined development, many prototype builds, countless hours of research, sourcing and assembly to build a guitar worthy to bear the name Gruene. As an example, to make sure that our OM models are second to none. A couple of years of research and prototypes were designed and built. Finally, the OG-30 was born, and from the success of the OG-30 we now have five different models of our popular OM/OG series.


Commitment to Details 

Every Gruene guitar is built with precision and care. And our wood selection we take personally, buying only the finest select woods available for our guitars. Whether we are building our lowest priced WA-40 models or our top end DG-50 guitars, we work to ensure that Gruene guitars are the very best guitars available for your money.

We believe our San Antonio, Texas, based company creates some of the
finest guitars around. Not only are Gruene Guitars all solid wood instruments
from top to bottom, but the build quality, sound and playability are unmatched
by other well-established guitar companies.

Our growing list of award winning endorsees and proud owners have been delighted to show
their Gruene Guitars to friends, family and their fellow guitar aficionados.
You will too.

There is nothing like the feeling of playing a Gruene Guitar
and having people come up and want to know what type of guitar you are
playing and where they can get one. 

Gruene Guitars
San Antonio TX