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Gruene DG-20 Dreadnought versus Martin D-18

What are the differences between a Gruene DG-20 Dreadnought and a Martin D-18?

We believe our Gruene DG-20 model and Martin Guitar's D-18 model are worth comparing. Based on our review, to match our standard DG-20 ($2,395) buyers would need to buy a Martin built D-18 ($4,600) from its custom shop and there may be an extended wait to have the Martin built to your specifications and shipped. We also ship for free!

We use the same fine solid woods as the Martin Guitar Company, and our maple wood binding is standard and not an added cost upgrade. By the time you make specifications, quality controls, and price comparisons, you'll find you can purchase a comparable quality Gruene guitar and avoid about an additional $2,200 out of pocket. And, when you apply our current $250 discount coupon CODE M9ZV8ABF, our price is roughly $2450 less than a comparable D-18.

I own Martin Guitars and like them. But when I decided to establish Gruene Guitars, my mission was to build a better guitar for less money and pass on the "savings" to my future customers AND a Gruene Guitar would be "playable out of the box".

Gruene guitars are excellent professional-grade all solid wood guitars with lifetime warranties and free shipping. Each guitar undergoes a mandatory 30-day proofing-testing quality control process, unlike any other guitar company we know.

I expect that fifty years from now, your Gruene guitar will be one that you and/or your family will pass down for generations, as a family heirloom guitar.

I am a guitar player and my company is veteran owned, as I spent decades in the U.S. Coast Guard. My company headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas, and I stand behind our full line of products and believe Gruene guitars are, without a doubt, the finest acoustic guitar you can buy for your hard-earned money

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