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Gruene Guitars

Guitars that are made to be played!
A little bit about Gruene Guitars

Our Background

The old proverb, "necessity is the mother of invention" sure holds true when two friends got together in Gruene Hall. After playing & collecting high end acoustic guitars for years. The perfect guitar seemed to always eluded us.  We listed the  characteristics of what we considered to be the perfect acoustic guitar. Then John put his money in to developing technology  to ensure compliance to specifications from that Gruene Guitars was born.

Our Passion

We believe that music is a universal language and brings harmony to the world, especially when the music resonates from a Gruene Guitar.

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Our Guitars

Our guitars are crafted from the finest materials and handmade delivering the highest quality at an affordable price. From the use of real wood wraps on the neck, to real abalone. The use of solid wood for back, sides and top, quality features that others call "custom"; are Gruene Guitars Standards.